I just read on Mastodon Drew DeVault’s recommendation of Migadu, which is a small, independent e-mail provider from Switzerland that looks too good to be real. Never heard of them before but I got curious and created a free account. I haven’t switched yet (I must re-configure DNS), but I already had a pleasant experience. I checked their website and haven’t seen anything about server-side mail filtering so I reached their support about that. About 15 minutes later I was replied by Miki from Migadu that they already implemented Sieve backend, but need few more weeks to finish their management app.

Currently I’m happy FastMail customer, but I’d like to migrate to a service that doesn’t charge me per-mailbox. I’d love my wife to have mail address in our home domain, but double paying for that sucks. Especially that our son will probably need a mail in future as well. Migadu has 3 paid plans based on number of mails you send every day. Unless I’m a part of heavy discussion on some issue tracker, I usually send 2-3 mails a month so today’s mail to Migadu almost filled my monthly quota. :)

So I’ll probably migrate myself in the following days as I don’t use server-side filters THAT hard (with Mutt mail management is easy), but it’s a no-go for my wife. Well, good luck Migadu, I’ll be checking your changelog daily!