Kaladin Painting

Few days ago Przemek was vigorously explaining something about Minecraft. It took him a lot of a time and I couldn’t make anything out of it, so I asked him, with tired voice, if he could stop. After all, I said, I don’t bother him with all of my stories.

“Oh really,” my wife interrupted. “Then how does he know who Kaladin is?”

I was speechless. Maybe these “small” references to Cosmere books which I’ve been making twice a day for last 2 years aren’t that small after all?

Anyway, today when I was out, Przemek decided to surprise me. He took his paints and drew me Kaladin1. The level of details about Kal that he remembered astonished me. Our favourite windrunner has non-white skin, black curly hair, Shash brand on his forehead (how cool is that he remembered about it?), blue uniform and a lot of SANDERSONs written all over the painting. There are also dino stickers, which we should really get rid of at this point, they’re 3 years old, and few locomotive stamps, because why not? I’m not sure what are these brown shapes behind Kaladin though. Probably some cremlings.

I am so happy and proud of him. :) Not because he knows who Kaladin is2, but because he selflessly made me a very personal gift with something that only I care deeply about.

Next step: teaching him about Sylphrena.

Painting of Kaladin made by my 6 year old son.

Kaladin. Author: Przemysław Góral (age 6)

  1. Kaladin is one of the main characters of Stormlight Archive books cycle by Brandon Sanderson. 

  2. Well, OK, that too.