From time to time we come back to Niesulice, a small village over Niesłysz lake. I think it was circa 2005 when we discovered this place with a group of friends. Without a car and with outdated summer bus schedules we almost had to bribe bus driver to drop us as close as he could without breaking his schedule, and we still had over an hour of walk in the middle of nowhere. I love that memory.


A picture of a tree growing from a trunk in the middle of a lake

This is probably one of my favourite photos. There's nothing impossible for life which will flourish even in most dire circumstances. Here: a small tree tries to grow from a trunk in the middle of a lake.

A picture of a broken bus stop sign
A picture of sunset
A picture of people playing volleyball with 2 cans of beer in the foreground
A picture of sky with trees around
A picture of a woman holding a paper cup of coffee