Changing ink color in fountain pen

This is not my typical blog post, but well, I'm getting older and staring at computer screens for whole days is not my thing anymore. One of the activities which I have long enjoyed is handwriting with fountain pens...

Lamy Safari fountain pen on a toilet paper stained with different colors of inks.

Noodler's Antietam is beautiful brown ink, but it's almost impossible to change it without altering the color of a new ink. In the past I had been usually refilling the converter with a new ink, scribbling a little bit and that was it. This method failed me with Antietam. I don't know if it was a feature of cheaper inks or a property of specific brand, but with Antietam I had to develop a procedure of cleaning the pen before changing inks to fully enjoy the new, unaffected color:

  1. do all of these steps over the sink to prevent unintentional stains;
  2. first, clean the converter with a running water;
  3. fill it with a clean water and install it in your pen;
  4. push the water though your pen;
  5. repeat steps 2 and 3 until you no longer see any ink in the water dipping from your pen (usually 4-5 times);
  6. do the same with the air: push it several times through your pen to remove any water from inside.

Most guides usually don’t mention step 5, but it’s quite important in my opinion, as it prevents 2 things: nib’s corrosion and diluting new ink with remaining water. The whole procedure is a little longer than simply changing the ink and requires the sink, but at least I can enjoy a new color whenever I want.