10 years

Ten years have passed since I’ve started blogging on my own1. Initially, hosting an instance of Wordpress on mgoral.org, a domain which I gladly replaced with the current one. Then, around 2015, I switched to static website generator and then I have settled down with Hugo in 2016. Sometimes I hate it for its complexity, but the only viable alternative at this point is writing a website generator on my own. Maybe I’ll do it one day, just for the fun of it, if nothing else.

Many things are different now than 10 years ago. Some are better, some worse. Few people died, others were born. Some things don’t exist anymore and quite contrary, other things were created. Some years were better, some worse. I have changed a lot in some areas and I wish I had changed more in others. I stopped doing some things. I started doing other things. Then I started doing things again, which I had previously stopped. I like different music than 10 years ago, different movies, different food and, well, quite the same books. My life constantly changes and my website is still here – the evolving mirror of my mood, my life, me.

I don’t want to make this post unnecessarily long or reflective, so let’s stop here. Just with a note that this site will be 10 years old in a few days.

Time passes. Whan an insight!

  1. Meaning, selfhosting.