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State of Wayland

Current state of Wayland on desktop PCs, its quirks and workarounds

Nikon D5300


First thoughts about the new camera


Yesterday Russia invaded Ukraine.



Field notes about Cosmere.

Notes on Notetaking


Some things which I have learned over the years of notetaking.



Review of Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

Digital Garden


Default chronological order of posts on this blog might not be the best.

kpsh 1.0

First stable release of kpsh

Life is Creating

To live our lifes and not merely exist, we, the humanity, must create

10 years

10 years of blogging on my own.

Polish Git

How to force Git to speak English.

I Want a To-Do App

It seems that we have a curse of abundance: so many to-do apps and methodologies that we can no longer choose one.


The Blackout

Yesterday early morning there was a blackout.


SDF is a public access UNIX System which I recommend visiting sometimes.

Double fork

Here we will learn about so-called double fork technique... More-less.

First Drawing

Przemek's first drawing presenting his whole family.

Your Pain Is Bigger Than Mine

Even though I almost entirely stopped listening to it, I can't stay silent about recent events in Polish Radio Trójka.

Working on TWC Formatting

Formatting is one of these parts of TWC which I disliked the most. This has finally changed with release of TWC 0.9 and complete rewrite of formatting strings syntax.

I Blocked Bots

Every month bots eat my server's traffic, so I blocked them.


I synchronize a lot of things, each of them differently. Let's take a look how to write a simple Bash script which automates and parallels that.

Cross References in Notes

Notes should be pretty too, because why not? Here I'll show you my method of rendering them to HTML.



Trying something new for mail provider: a small company from Switzerland called Migadu.

Blog changes

Introduction of new blog theme: Tale.

Xsession in Debian

Xsession is a default way of starting X sessions in Debian, but for some reason it remains a mystery for many people. Here I try to shed some light on it.


New Year's resolution

It's a little late to make a New Year's resolution, but I'll make one nevertheless.




Description of my old custom system of keeping and deploying dotfiles.

Git Credential Helper

Git has capabilities of writing custom credential helpers, which can fill passwords for accessing HTTP repos for us.


Presentation of my program for toggling file comments depending on a list of keywords in a language similar to preprocesor.


Singleton w i3

With markorapp, a script which I wrote, it's easy to create "singletons" in i3. Singletons are applications which should have only one instance, like a particular terminal.

Structured Bindings

Structured Bindings is a new way to decompose values returned from functions. It's similar to some other programming languages and greatly simplifies the code.

Generacja wersji

Presentation of simple scripts and techniques allowing automatic generation of program's version.


Switching to another static site generator: Hugo.


Opisuj merge!

Changelog is important, but we can simplify our lives and generate it, at least partially.

I have forked

What is a fork() and what PID it returns?

Zmiana monitorów w i3

I did it! I forced a buggy xrandr to toggle screens and not kill X session!

Zamykanie aplikacji PyQt

Graceful shutdown of PyQt applications might be harder than it looks like. This article presents the problem and a way to resolve it.

Problem dependant names

How C++ handles dependant names and why we must use typename keyword everywhere.

Name hiding

Name hiding is a surprising feature of C++. Here we'll learn a little more about it.

Najważniejszy const

There is one const usage in C++ which is a little different than the others. Andrei Alexandrescu called it the most important const.


Urbana meeting

A short summary of C++ comitee meeting in Urbana-Champaign.

Process substitution

Process substitution in Bash is a powerful technique which allows us to redirect command's output to programs which only accept files.




A short introduction to one of the most breakthrough features of C++11: rvalue references and move semantics.


Naughty Python

A short thing about how Python prints its version number.


Introduction to C++ polymorhpism.

SubConvert 0.8.2

I released a new version of SubConvert, a program to convert between various video subtitle formats.


Doom 3 GPL

Doom 3 source code has been released.

Android Apps


Reviews of some interesting Android Apps


Kupfer is a program launcher written in Python.

Matlab engine


How to use Matlab Engine in C++