Double fork

Roughly 4 years ago we learned about fork() function. Sometimes when we want the process to become a daemon, i.e. to run in background by detaching from a controlling terminal without a possibility to reattach, it’s useful to perform a technique known as double fork.

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First Drawing

Apparently Przemek figured out how to draw shapes and, what a surprise, decided to draw his family. Also, it seems I am no different to other parents and will bore to death every single poor soul in 150 meters radius with things our children made. So here it is.

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Accessibility testing by non-disabled developers

Whenever I create a website, at some point there always arises an issue of its accessibility for people with disabilities. Mostly we’re talking about users of screen readers. Problem is that I don’t use screen reader myself for day-to-day activities anddesign of these programs remains uncharted territory for me so no matter how hard I try, I can be never sure that I achieve intended effect.

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RSS and Other Site News

I think I fixed RSS feed and now it includes new projects section which I added few days ago. There are now 2 main feeds:

  • main feed which has all content available;
  • blog feed which has only blog posts, so it works like main feed had worked previously.

It’s also possible to subscribe to individual tags, projects etc. How to do that is described on a separate RSS info page. RSS for all projects is a bit empty though, because it doesn’t list all leaf projects recursively. Maybe I’ll fix that sometime later.

I also added archive page which simply lists all blog posts grouped by year in which they were published.

I like the results and that my website starts feeling personal again. It’s nice to tinker a bit here and there for half an hour every evening before sleep finally falls on me. It amazes me how much Hugo, a static page generator which is a backbone for my site, can be bent to my will.

Your Pain Is Bigger Than Mine

Few months ago I almost entirely stopped listening to Polish Radio Trójka. It happened when Wojciech Mann finally quit due to firing Anna Gacek. Or rather due to forcing her to resign. I adored his programs and felt that this radio won’t be ever the same without his legendary voice.

Unfortunately Mr Mann wasn’t the first one to quit. In the last few years we saw many others resigning, mostly because of the political atmosphere in a country and in public media. Thankfully for Trójka, it attracted talents like no other radio station and even though some people left, many others remained. But it has changed.

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