Here I maintain a list of things that I read very frequently (like: every day or as soon as they publish something new). You won’t find any low quality links here which I didn’t verify. They are all battle-tested, so to say, i.e. I’ve been reading them for quite some time now.


  • David Revoy - author of Pepper & Carrot webcomic and Free Software advocate. Guy with unbelievable talent who should get all the best from the Universe.
  • Drew DeVault - I don’t understand how is that possible that Drew somehow manages to actively maintain several big software projects (sway,, aerc), post regularly on his blog, and be a part of few mailing lists, Hacker News etc. It’s insane!
  • Jeff Kaufman - I often don’t understand nor agree with Jeff’s views about life, but each one of his posts is super interesting read, even if only to see how other people live their lifes.

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  • Hacker News - probably the only somewhat worthy news aggregator, often with deep and insightful comments. It gathers creators, CTOs, CEOs, RFC authors, scientists, researchers and other folks who one might want to read sometimes.


  • The Economist - if you don’t know about The Economist, then oh boy, let me introduce you to the world-class journalism. It’s a challenge to read all of their articles every week, but please do yourself a favor and at least read Politics this week and Business this week sections.

  • Polityka - high quality press, mostly centric, about Polish affairs. Although name suggests their focus on politics, I usually skip most of the political articles, because they’re nothing compared to their societal topics.